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About The Income Creed

The Income Creed is designed to develop a company through the use of multiple income streams. When approaching wealth it seems normal to develop multiple revenue points to maintain security and freedom, it seems simple.
However, when we proceed to develop a company we forget this concept and focus more on the other stuff. Don't worry it's completely natural. But, as the owner of your company your main role is focused on revenue points, not focusing on the maintenance or operational side. Teach & leave this for others in the company.

As Steve J Larsen says - build the revenue first and then push pause and then put the systems in place to match them and then resume the revenue, rinse and repeat.

It's time your develop a specific skill designed to monopolise your company through the use of income streams. Creating extensions of the company to scale dramatically by understanding what can align with the company as well as complement the customers needs.

Here at The Income Creed we are here to help fill the gaps in your company allowing it to run smoothly while you put in place the means to build your empire.

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The goal here is establish companies that want to make a difference in the world, by giving these people the option & means to grow they ultimately choose to give back. ​

What is it all for if not to help others...

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